About the CCC

Our Purpose

The Commission on Congregational Counseling assists WELS congregations to assess and evaluate ministry, review biblical teachings and principles that impact ministry, develop plans to adjust and expand ministry in appropriate ways, and carry out their plans over a period of time.

 Our Philosophy

If a congregation is doing all it can to share the Gospel, then numbers don’t matter.

That is one of the mottos of the CCC.  We believe that firmly.

Our calling is not to make God’s Church grow.

Our calling is not to increase the number of members who are in worship or Bible study.

Our calling is not to make members give more generously to the Lord’s work.

Only the Holy Spirit, working through the Word and sacrament, can accomplish such supernatural things.

We simply respond to Christ’s love by heeding his call to do all we can to share the gospel with our members and with the lost.

It is vital we understand what are calling is… and isn’t.   For “health” in a church is not measured like health in a business. The spiritual reality is that a congregation can be growing but still be unhealthy.   Conversely, a healthy congregation may be in decline.   What determines health?    Not numbers, but the presence and faithful use of the life-saving, eternity-changing gospel.

Therefore, we believe that a “healthy congregation” is simply one that is regularly asking itself, “What else can we do to help all people know Jesus?”

May God grant that among us all.

Our Members

Rev. Jonathan Hein, director

Rev. David Scharf, chairman

Rev. James Huebner, advisory

Rev. Adam Mueller

Rev. James Tiefel

Rev. Doug Tomhave